Game-Changing Claystone is poised to become the lithium mineralization of choice in Nevada.

American Lithium has assessed the opportunity and underaken strategic acquisitions to leverage the outstanding regional mineralization potential. As a result, the Company currently holds significant land positions in Nevada at the Tonopah Lithium Claims (TLC) and Fish Lake Valley (FLV) projects – both potentially important claystone plays in the region.

The TLC project is one of the most promising and underdeveloped lithium claystone basins in North America with  a land claim of over 1,550 contiguous acres. There is a potential for millions of tons of claytone and near surface samples have shown as high as 1,690 ppm of lithium and an average 760 ppm lithium to-date.

The FLV project is 3.5 hours from the Tesla Gigafactory, adjacent to the productive Global Geoscience lithium claystone project and one valley away from the oldest & largest lithium mine in the U.S. at Clayton Valley.

American Lithium Corp has extensive and up-to-date experience at permitting, working and managing reclamation in Nevada. The Company has opened five notices of intent (NOI’s) to perform exploration and drilling activities on its claims in Esmeralda County with the Tonopah office of the Bureau of Land Management. American Lithium has submitted reclamation bonds on all its work and has completed reclamation on one of its drilled properties.

Processing method makes the case for economic recovery

American Lithium believes ongoing metallurgical tests will validate the claystone found across its project areas is not hectorite and will not require roasting to extract lithium as many other projects currently face.

Initial studies show similarities to mineralization found at other regional projects operated by Global Geoscience and Cypress Development which do not require roasting as part of the production process, and consequently offer very attractive production economics. These companies have pioneered production efforts utilizing weak acid leaching capable of lithium extraction at over 80% in 2 to 8 hours in agitated leach tests using sulfuric acid.

These high extraction rates indicate the dominant lithium-bearing minerals present are not hectorite, a refractory clay mineral which requires roasting to liberate the lithium.

Comparable Regional Claystone Operations

Global Geosciences Ltd. Rhyolite Ridge claystone project sits directly adjacent to American Lithium’s Fish Lake Valley project. In 2016, GCS analyzed historic drill results showing thick, shallow zones of lithium-boron mineralization over five square kilometers at the Rhyolite Ridge project in Esmeralda Co, Nevada. The drill results were from historic exploration completed at North Basin by US Borax during the 1980’s, using a combination of rotary and percussion drilling methods. US Borax suggested that these claystones would be amenable to acid leaching lithium recovery methods.

Cypress Development Corp.’s flagship Clayton Valley Lithium Project is located immediately east of Albemarle’s Silver Peak mine, proximal to American Lithium’s Fish Lake Valley project. Silver Peak is North America’s only lithium brine operation in continuous production since 1966. Recent exploration by Cypress has discovered an extensive deposit of lithium-bearing claystone adjacent to the brine field to the east and south of Angel Island, an outcrop of Paleozoic carbonates protruding up through the lakebed sediments.

Claystone Operations requiring additional processing steps

(i.e.: ‘roasting’ of hectorite to extract lithium)

  • Sonora Lithium Project, Bancanora Mexico (has production agreement with Tesla)
  • Lithium America, Thacker Pass, Nevada

Near Term Opportunity Summary

Based on Global Geosciences and Cypress Developments’ early efforts, American Lithium aims to lead the way with low-cost recovery of leachable lithium claystones.

American Lithium will continue to verify it’s resource via sampling and drilling and formally establish the resource is amenable to low-cost recovery.

About Nevada

Nevada has a strong reputation as one of the best jurisdictions in the world for mining.

The state has an abundance of natural resources making it one of the most important states in the country for mining. This includes lithium as well as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, uranium, manganese and opal.

Mining has been and continues to be vital to Nevada’s economy. A major global producer of gold and the only state producing lithium, ideally positions it for the 21st century lithium “gold rush” due to its value for use in emerging stored energy technologies.

Consistently ranked as one of the best jurisdictions in the world to invest in mineral exploration and mining when mineral endowment, regulation, taxation, infrastructure, and political stability is considered (per Fraser Institute).

The many advantages of mining in Nevada over other jurisdictions include:
  • Skilled mining workforce
  • Substantive mining support businesses
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • Favourable geology and large mineral endowment
  • Excellent access to public land
  • Arid climate
  • Streamlined permitting
  • Supportive State Government
  • Local County receives a net proceeds royalty
  • Home to the USA’s burgeoning electric vehicle industry
  • Home to North America’s only producing lithium mine, Albemarle’s Silver Peak Mine.
  • Low taxes with net proceeds minerals tax capped at 5% and Federal corporate tax at 21%.
Nevada is quickly becoming recognised as the key lithium state in the USA as new production methods transform claystone projects into potentially dominant domestic sources of this critical mineral.

Tonopah Lithium Claystone (TLC) Project

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Fish Lake Valley (FLV) Project

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