A Vanadium Opportunity

With battery minerals attracting ever greater interest, American Lithium’s team was introduced to an exciting property that could prove to become a valuable and complementary asset and growth driver for the Company. An opportunity to investigate a Nevada mineralization potential source for V2O5 Vanadium Pentoxide.

The Extinction Ridge project is located contiguous to central Nevada’s Roberts Mountains in Eureka County, east of the Simpson Park Mountains and west and southwest of the Sulphur Spring Range. Nevada State Route 278 passes the east margin of the range in Garden Valley and continues about 25 miles (40 km) southeast to Eureka a short 2.5 hour drive northeast of the Company’s TLC project just outside of Tonopah.

Vanadium Mineralization

Located within an area considered the “Nevada Vanadium Trend” of black shale hosted deposits, the project is on-trend and between Cornerstone Metals Carlin Vanadium project (28M tons @ .52% V205) and Prophecy Development’s Gibellilni Vanadium project (45M tons @.26% V205), currently the only large-scale operation of its kind in America. Previous exploration on the Extinction Ridge property favorably documented a 90’ NW trench showing .46% V205 averages.

Three main areas of vanadium mineralization on the Extinction Ridge Property are: Extinction Ridge Trench, NW Trench and Frazier Creek (the areas may tie together as overburden is significant). Mineralization is hosted in the Vinini Creek Formation (Ovu), mostly in the black shale unit.


Most areas have seen some exploration, with exploration pits and trenches. (The “Extinction Trench” was excavated by the Geological Society of America to expose the Ordovician/Silurian extinction.) To the North in the Frazier Creek drainage, Vinini Formation is exposed in a road cut and assays to 977 ppm V.

From Eureka and its resources; a complete history of Eureka County, Nevada (circa 1878)


The Extinction Ridge Property is accessible by County maintained roads, high voltage electricity is just a few miles away and a knowledgeable technical and general labor pool is readily available in the area. The property has no wildlife, or fauna habitat restrictions.


Given the initial and historic vanadium percentages shown on the property and it’s on-trend location relative to past-producing operations, set against the increased interest in vanadium as part of the rapid growth of relevant battery technologies, American Lithium was intrigued by the prospect and its potential. The Company intends to advance further exploration with the intent of executing a series of studies leading to an eventual NI 43-101 compliant asset valuation and determination of the commercial viability of the property and its surrounding area.

Worth Noting

Legendary Mining Investor Robert Friedland, having invested $90 million in vanadium battery technology to the utility industry, calls vanadium “the modern miracle metal.” In an interview, Mr. Friedland spoke positively about vanadium, commenting, “We think there’s a revolution coming in vanadium redox flow batteries. You’ll have to get into the mining business and produce ultra-pure vanadium electrolyte for those batteries on a massive scale.”


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