The evolution of battery chemistry means minerals that were once predictable sources of marginal revenue have almost overnight become some of the most sought-after commodities on the planet.

The explosive and exciting transformation of industrialized western nations from massive carbon abusers to environmental champions is driving extraordinary new avenues of growth in the resource sector.

Lithium has been leading the way and lithium demand is expected to double in the next five years (20% year on year) and continue on the same growth trajectory for many years to come. Now is the time that junior mining operators with foresight and vision can begin to see their early-stage efforts pay off.

Here at American Lithium Corp. we aim to reward investors with the imagination and capital to understands that not all battery mineral projects are the same, and that fundamentals matter.

We started with the basics:

  1. Identified and secured Lithium enriched projects within a geological region as close as possible to, and where possible, adjoining areas well understood for sedimentary lithium deposits.
  2. Aggressively commenced activities to prove our assets as part of a strategic plan that anticipates the probability of production, environmental and/or economic stressors on the long-term regional producers.
  3. Projected economic bottlenecks in the development path and de-risked them by securing key rights, developing land option packages and identifying low-cost infrastructure options.

…and have already achieved significant milestones:

  • Sedimentary mineralization identified in significant potential quantity and grade.
  • Sampled consistent high grade lithium at our TLC project
  • Improved our understanding of the regional sedimentary potential through historic assessment and ongoing studies.

We have the advantage of years of watching, learning and adapting our plans based on the advancement of a number of exciting new and future production techniques deployed or under development at other productive operations regionally and around the world.

Moving ahead, we will continue to prove our resource, but perhaps most importantly, we aren’t locked into pre-existing technologies or long term facility investments predicated on outdated extraction and production technologies and methods.

We have an opportunity and an obligation to develop the basis for the most efficient, ecologically sound, and economically productive lithium extraction environment right here in Nevada, and to make our Company a leader in the 21st century renaissance of American resource innovation and industrial transformation which is clearly poised to impact generations to come.

Lithium: A Critical Mineral

Excerpted from: Presidential Executive Order on a Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals

The United States is heavily reliant on imports of certain mineral commodities that are vital to the Nation’s security and economic prosperity.  This dependency of the United States on foreign sources creates a strategic vulnerability for both its economy and military to adverse foreign government action, natural disaster, and other events that can disrupt supply of these key minerals.  Despite the presence of significant deposits of some of these minerals across the United States, our miners and producers are currently limited by a lack of comprehensive, machine-readable data concerning topographical, geological, and geophysical surveys; permitting delays; and the potential for protracted litigation regarding permits that are issued.  An increase in private‑sector domestic exploration, production, recycling, and reprocessing of critical minerals, and support for efforts to identify more commonly available technological alternatives to these minerals, will reduce our dependence on imports, preserve our leadership in technological innovation, support job creation, improve our national security and balance of trade, and enhance the technological superiority and readiness of our Armed Forces, which are among the Nation’s most significant consumers of critical minerals.

Our Opportunity

Simply put, the opportunity is happening all around us. The predicted growth for lithium is outstanding. 

We are ideally situated to leverage the convergence of supply & demand in the historically oldest and largest lithium prospective region in North America.

As the demand for lithium batteries grows, driven by the demand for electric vehicles and ever-larger power storage capacity, we aim to be the answer to growing lithium demand by presenting an effective lithium extraction-to-market project scenario with attractive economics and production upside.

Source: Ioneer Ltd. (formerly Global Geoscience)


Michael Kobler, B.Sc., CEO & Director

Over the past 35 years, Michael Kobler has specialized in identifying, acquiring, developing and producing natural resource opportunities throughout the world as well as overseeing the design and construction of a number of infrastructure projects. He has served in a variety of roles for early stage companies including, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President, Technical Advisor, Engineer and Project Manager, and has been a founder and a major shareholder in a number of these ventures. Mr. Kobler has a strong record of success in the exploration, permitting and de-risking of resource projects. His expertise in identifying opportunities through detailed examination of all available information combined with his in-depth knowledge of permitting processes, including detailed environmental work, and dealing with issues related to water supply have positioned him for projects across North and South America.  In 2005, Mr. Kobler was a Co-Founder and the original CEO of Osum Oil Sands Corp. (“Osum”) where he oversaw the analysis and acquisitions of the original oil sands leases that form the core of Osum’s projects at Cold Lake and the Saleski carbonates, both in Alberta. During his tenure with Osum, Mike oversaw the growth of the company from start-up to a valuation approaching $500 million; he also hired his successors to ensure the smooth transition of the Company to its next phase of growth and an equity value approaching $2 Billion. Mr. Kobler holds a BSc in Mining Engineering from Montana Tech.

Andrew Bowering, B.A., Director

Andrew Bowering is a venture capitalist with 30 years of operational experience and leadership in mineral exploration and development worldwide. He has founded, funded and built teams that have operated numerous companies in the pursuit of precious, base and industrial metals from early exploration through to production. Mr. Bowering is an owner and founder of Sunrise Drilling Ltd. and has owned and operated drilling companies for the past 20 years. Mr. Bowering has held senior management positions in a variety of capacities. He has been responsible for the acquisition and sale of several assets and the raising of upwards of $250 million in development capital. He has operated and managed programs throughout North and South America and abroad. He is a founder, director and shareholder of Millennial Lithium Corp, and other publicly traded companies primarily focused in the battery metals space.

Andrew Squires, B.Sc., Director

Mr. Squires brings over three decades of resource development experience in the energy and natural resources industries both domestic and international. In this time, he has established a proven history of success in creating strong management teams and helping grow new resource ventures into prosperous operations. His entrepreneurial spirit combined with his all-encompassing technical, operational, and financial knowledge on the logistics and complexity in this sector are the talents that have led to his success in helping create and monetize value in the resource development sector. Of recent note, Mr. Squires was part of the original executive team of Osum Oil Sands Corp., a successful junior oil sands company, in which he was instrumental in creating the team and helping raise over $1 Billion in private equity taking the company to commercial production. Prior to starting Osum Oil Sands, Mr. Squires worked for his own consulting firm providing services for clients including Exxon, Pemex, PetroCanada and Chevron. Mr. Squires’ engineering and management skills were honed working for companies such as Dominion Exploration, Paramount Resources and Amoco. Mr. Squires is currently an executive advisor for Osum Oil Sands Corp., President of AXS Industries – a global energy investment advisory firm, a Senior Associate of Renown AMG (upstream energy asset management company), and is actively engaged in a number of start-ups and financings in the energy storage, oilfield equipment, and aerospace fields. Mr. Squires holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta.

Dana Brock, P.E., R.G., C.E.G., Consultant

Dana Brock is a field oriented Civil Engineer, Geologist and Engineering Geologist. For over 30 years, he has performed and directed investigations, designed facilities and supported large scale construction and remediation projects. His experience spans a broad range of projects in the U.S. and ten other countries, including facilities development for geothermal well fields (Calpine, Unocal Geothermal, Kiewit, CalEnergy, Coso Operators); exploration, drilling and resource management for low temperature and mineralized waters (Sonoma Mission Inn, City of Calistoga and 29 Palms, Crystal Geyser and Mendocino Mineral Water); private and municipal water supply, distribution, impoundment and disposal (Cities of San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Burlingame, Kendall-Jackson Wines and DeLoach Wines); basin management and due diligence and technical support for legal issues involving geothermal and oil well fields, mineral prospects and underground construction (Deutsche Bank, Florida Power and Light, Mission Energy, Gordon & Rees and Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority).

Dr. John S. Oldow, Ph.D. , Technical Consultant

Dr. Oldow was retained as Technical Consultant to the Company effective June 1, 2016.  He recently retired after 42 years in academia as Professor of Geological Sciences at Rice University, the University of Idaho, and the University of Texas at Dallas and is now working as a geological consultant.  He has published over 100 papers in structure, tectonics, and basin analysis in the western United States, Arctic Alaska, Venezuela, and southern Italy.  During his career, he has served as a consultant to ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, ARCO, CONOCO, Petroleos de Venezuela, Union Texas Petroleum, Barrick Gold Corporation, Kennecott, and numerous smaller exploration companies.  Dr. Oldow’s work includes application of structural and stratigraphic analysis, potential field geophysics, seismic reflection interpretation, GPS geodesy, and terrestrial laser scanning to solve regional tectonic problems.  Dr. Oldow has worked in and around Fish Lake Valley for over 25 years.  By integrating geologic mapping, structural analysis, and detailed gravity surveys, he defined the geometry and depth of the deep basins underling the North and South Bowl Playas of Fish Lake Valley and established the geometry and history of movement on the faults that controlled the formation of the basins.  His ongoing structural and stratigraphic analysis of basin-fill deposits is optimizing our exploration for lithium brine and lithium-mudstone deposits in the region.

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